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At LeadCorp Media, our customers are in the driver's seat. We take pride in providing inventive and unique solutions to your customer acquisition challenges. Our staff is comprised of forward thinking individuals that welcome the opportunity to push the virtual envelope.



lead generation


Our data driven approach delivers leads of unparalleled quality. We maintain ownership of our entire creative and product inventory, so our marketing remains strictly compliant as well as effortlessly scalable. Simply put, lead generation is the cornorstone of what we do here at LCM.



We speak ASP, PHP, MSSQL, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, AJAX, CSS, jQuery, Python and JSON. Our technology and creative departments are dedicated to building anything you need to help your project reach its full potential.



With a combined 25 years of marketing experience, LCM is a trusted resource for brands looking to optimize their online exposure. Our talented team will work tirelessly to position you in front of the decision maker within your target audience.



We consciously chose the racecar as our symbol because it is such a competitive machine. Our team is made up of marketers, developers, salesmen (and women!) that are constantly fine tuning their craft.



Dave Ruberto


Dave hates mushrooms and blue cheese. He likes to take time during the day to be thankful for the things he has, especially when the Chargers are losing or he is trying to untangle his earbuds.

Diane Stoudt

Email Marketing Associate

Diane loves spending time with her grandkids and cannot go a day without a Diet Pepsi. She is our go-to-gal for Excel spreadsheets--not only is Diane an expert, she enjoys making them!

Bill Broding

Senior Marketing Officer

Bill enjoys high fives and refilling the ice cube tray. He cannot stand people who drive slow in the fast lane and don’t use their blinker, but has learned from his favorite soundtrack, Frozen, to just “let it go”.

Scott Hinton

Senior Web Developer

Scott’s favorite food is Italian, even though he hates cheese. He dislikes getting his hair cut, most likely because of his love for 80’s hair bands, but makes up for it with his other love — hair extensions! .

Tiffany Jessen

Accounting Associate

Tiffany enjoys running, and recently completed her first marathon! Her laugh is infectious and can be often heard from across the office. She says her favorite book is The Last of The Very Great Whangdoodles, although it is really Twilight Saga.

Chelsey Jessen

Affiliate Director

Chelsey enjoys reading. She has the best hair in the office and can bust out a Drake lyric to fit any situation at any time. When she's not working, you can find her watching the Lakers or drinking a glass (let's be real..bottle) of champagne

Candy Broding


Candy is full of positivity! She loves to bake and hates doing laundry. On her day off, you can find her with her grandkids or hitting up the local craft fair.

Scott Swartz

Executive VP

Scott likes fast cars and fast women! He can impersonate just about anyone at any time. Scott cannot go a day without coffee, and never turns down a Starbucks run—Venti Americano!

Monica Senger

Junior Marketing Officer

Monica hates eggs and when Chelsey flosses her teeth in the office. She has a mean moonwalk and is really handy with a lawnmower (sometimes she evens combines the two). Monica loves craft beer and is always on the quest to find the perfect IPA.

Nichole Medina

Junior Web Developer

Nichole enjoys singing in her car with the windows rolled down, and once got applause from the car next to her. She hates reptiles and amphibians, and when the toilet paper rolls from the bottom, rather than the top.


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LeadCorp Media
16855 W. Bernardo Dr., STE 140
San Diego, CA 92127
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